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Neglected Fandom Recs: Harry Potter

In honour of the film and the final book, I thought it would be fun to come up with a list of some of my favourite Harry Potter fics. I've been going through my rec lists (most of which never made it to my journal or site or anywhere and picking out the ones that I remember enjoying a lot. These are mostly short to medium and I can quickly think of stories that are classics that I've left out or other stories I love that aren't here, but hopefully I'm introducing you to some that you haven't read during every Fen's flirtation with the HP fandom. It's mostly Snarry (Snape/Harry) and Drarry (Draco/Harry) with a couple of extra odds and ends thrown in.


1. Bring out the dead by Dee (Draco/Harry/Ginny)
This is a story of the last battle, and of the relationship between Harry, Draco and Ginny. It's really well written and is one of the coolest pairings ever. This story haunts me, it's got a bit of darkness to it and makes the last battle into a warground, as it should be!

2. We All Fall Down by Bec (Hermione/Ginny)
Trapped in a dungeon after being captured by Deatheaters, Hermione tries to keep herself sane by remembering nursery rhymes until Ginny arrives. What I love about this story is the way it manages to convey despair so very effectively, it leaves you with a slightly disturbed aftertaste and a little bit of awe for the story itself.

3. Rituals and Traditions by Amanuensis (Harry/Draco)
Basically this is ritual magic being used as an excuse for lots and lots of hot boy on boy sex. It's a little silly, the idea is that Draco needs rescuing from Voldemort's decision to use him for a body-swap, but it's hot, it's fun and it's one I enjoy rereading!

4. Obsession by jitter_bug (Harry/Draco)
Obsession is an extended piece of porn which centres on Draco's obessions with Harry's cock. Aside from being one of the hottest pieces of porn I have EVER read, I really love Draco's kind of vagueness throughout the story - he's very passive and distracted, which is conveyed through an utter lack of dialogue but it works really well for the plot. I really really love this fic.

5. Seamus is Seamus by Ari Munami (Harry/Draco)
This story is more fanon than canon and it's a lot of fun. In Sixth Year Harry comes back gorgeous, only he doesn't seem to realise it. It's written in a variety of different point's of views and it's clever and really amusing. I keep coming back to this story as one of my favourite Drarry fics of all time.

6. Matinee by Lady Vader (Harry/Draco)
After the Seventh Year Slammer, an annual Hogwarts-wide party, neither Harry or Draco remember what happened and are forced to sit through a replay of the action. Like Obsession, this has hot public blowjobs, Like Seamus is Seamus, this story owes a lot to fanon ideas of Harry and Draco (although I think this may have been written first - I'm not implying plagiarism, rather genre-connection). It's another fun, rather silly story that's hot and sexy and it's another story that I've reread so many times.

7. Contemporary Magical Innovations by Hermione Granger by Kai (Snape/Harry)
The story is written as a report by Hermione on the development of the Unconscionables, a spell/potion combination developed by Snape and Harry. Interspersed inbetween the report is the story of how Snape and Harry got together and how the Unconscionables were actually created.
There are some delightful elements to this story, particularly some of the other pairings and bits of magic. The character's reactions are great and build a really 3-dimensional universe for the story to unfold out of. All of the plot elements that bring them closer together and then apart (as necessary in all romances) are introduced well and are consistent with the overall story. The humour is laugh aloud and clever.

8. Transfigurations by Resonant (Harry/Draco)
This is one of those stories that people just hear the title and nod their heads in agreement on just how great it is. It's post-Hogwarts. Harry's returning to teach at Hogwarts after he left to live in America after the war. It's such a well developed story that you can reread it and get something out of it each time. One of the things that I always remember about this is it's clever development of the idea of Calligromancy and how the romance and Harry's character development sits so nicely under a puzzle that forms the centre of the plot.

9. Cursed Artefacts for Sale by Icarus (Harry/Snape)
This story is a stand alone fic in the Primer to The Dark Arts 'Verse. It's a cute story about Harry and Snape at an auction where Harry finds out about Snape's collection of cursed objects. There's an everydayness about this that blends nicely with the hints of a world much bigger than the usual universe and I just love the Harry and Snape banter in this fic.

10. The Medean Curse: A Romantic Comedy by Lydia Lovestruck (Harry/Snape)
This is a rom-com in the mold of all the SGA Harlequin stories although it's not an explicit AU. Harry gets cursed by Voldemort just before the final battles and becomes Impotent. The best cure is a potion and the only thing Snape wants is a date with Remus in exchange for his help. It's a pretty standard love triangle from there and its fun to read in the way that romances can be. It's lovely and sweet and I love it.

11. The Return of the Prodigal by Lachesis (Snape/Harry)
Time travel fics are one of the common tropes of HP fanfic and this example is one of my favourites. Harry, in the midst of battle, gets sent back in time to the Marauder and Snape's Seventh Year. He gets sorted as a Slytherin and falls in love with Severus. Unfortunately there's only one way back. I love a lot of this story particularly Harry when he returns and Snape's reactions and the sort of chicken-egg play with time.

12. The Courtship of Harry Potter by Diana Williams (Snape/Harry)
Another trope plays with the way that the wizarding world is different, and more formal/tradition holding, than the Muggle world. In this story Harry is offered the opportunity to become Erastes (like an apprentice, but with greek-gay-sex overtones) to the Dark Arts professor, Maximillian Spindley-Worme and Snape reacts by providing a counter-offer. The success of this story is in rounding out Snape's character giving him more depth and history. Of course bits of it have been Jossed since it was written but the relationship with Snape and Lily is a nice touch. The courtship is well thought out and the development of the relationship through out the story is great.

13.Icarus Rising by ryokoblue (Harry/Draco)
Because every Harry Potter list needs a Veela!fic, I'm including this rather unusual story. Draco gets altered by Lucius turning him into little more than an animal who can only by controlled by his mate: Harry. This is angsty and dark and gritty. It's different from the usual Veela!fic in that it isn't sunshine and light or temper tantrums and Mpreg that makes this work. Great story.

14. Dumbledore's Folly by DementorDelta (Harry/Snape)
Dementor Delta is one of those fic writers where everything is a joy to read and I can remember finding this fic, seeing her name, settling in and expecting something good to read. I wasn't disappointed. When Dumbledore leaves Harry and Snape his family home with the proviso that they must go through a wizarding courting ritual if they can't agree on the disposal. It's a classic matchmaker plot and its sweet, character driven, cohesive, romantic, sex in the right places and reveals in the right places. Fantastic and satisfying.
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