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Hysterical Post-Delicious Rec-and-Info Dump #1

Not to put too fine a point on it, but was, basically, my life. I spent hours on that site, searching for links, updating my tags and bundles and filtering out good fic. Now, I'm home from work today, starring listlessly at my computer, not knowing what to do.

The fandom consensus is a migration either to or I haven't done either yet, but I'm willing to dive in wherever we're going, once the fervor dies down. I'm still holding out hope that Delicious realizes the error of their ways, but I doubt it. Otherwise, if someone smart and techy decides to put together a fandom-specific social link site, I would donate time and money to this cause, if not any coding skills.

Here is some fandom migration news:

rageprufrock and mklutz discussed the whole mess on their podcast.

The Great Delicious Migration Google spreadsheet - Get connected to other fannish people.

List of suggestions for the Pinboard people, who are apparently very amenable to fannish people.

AO3 statement, along with plans for their bookmarking features

Because I tend to go to Code Red Emergency, I'm dumping all of the recs I've been saving on Delicious, just in case I lose my info. Consider this my contribution to bored fans who don't know what to read.

Mark/Eduardo - 13 Recs

17 Muscles by Layla - Pure, pure fluff. College era, Dustin and Mark have a bet about who can make Eduardo smile the most in one month. [~7800 words, no rating, no warnings]

It hadn’t even been a week yet and Dustin was already up to ten. Fucking ten. What an unholy number. Mark would think he was cheating somehow, if he hadn’t been present for most of Wardo’s smiles.

So yes, unfortunately it was true, and each time it became a little more unnerving. A flash of white, and a black line on the board. Flash of white, black line.

Somehow, and Mark knew that this was just stupid to think, but somehow it seemed like Eduardo was doing it on purpose. That was impossible, of course, because he didn’t know anything about the bet, but still. It certainly seemed to the careful observer that Wardo was smiling more genuinely at Dustin, and you hardly even needed to observe at all to notice that Dustin was just plain getting more.

through the eyes of a fly on the wall by vlieger - Mark realizes that Eduardo isn't really in Singapore and goes about tracking him down. [no warnings]

"Mark," said Chris. He closed his laptop. "Is the rest of this conversation going to involve discussions of anything illegal? Specifically, anything illegal you may have done?"

Mark shrugged.

"Fuck," said Chris. "Mark."

"Aw," said Dustin. "That's sweet. It's sweet, Chris, come on! He's keeping tabs on Wardo." He paused. "Wait, that just sounds creepy."

"It's not creepy," said Mark.

Touch by a-jejune-star - Post-rift, starts with some pretty graphic hate sex and goes from there. I was able to skim the sex (that kind of thing isn't for me) and still enjoy the rest of the story. Lots of h/c. [NC-17, ~17500 words, potentially triggery, violent sex, anxiety issues, aversion to touch]

Eduardo doesn’t make any sounds of movement from his position above Mark, and Mark would love to make a sarcastic observation about it all, but the thing is—

He just keeps crying.

It’s annoying and inconvenient.

He waits for Eduardo to say something about it. Mark’s not sure how to predict this one. He’ll either do a three-sixty and want to know if Mark’s okay, or get pissed off that Mark has somehow found a loophole to play the victim.

almost, finally, finally by fledmusic - Sequel to the previously recced These Things Get Louder. Mark and Eduardo are finally together and trying to make their relationship work. [NC-17, ~27000 words, no warnings]

“You look good,” Eduardo says, because he does, Eduardo just loves how Mark looks in suits, probably because he doesn’t wear them that often.

Mark rolls his eyes. “Ugh, shut up. Let’s go and get this over with.”

A noticeable hush falls over the room when Mark and Eduardo walk in, but thankfully, Chris and Dustin are waiting for them, and immediately start talking about various things, which makes the whole thing less awkward, even if there is still a lot of staring going on.

Boy Falls From the Sky by lc2l - During the depositions, Eduardo is dealing with some other personal issues - namely being bit by a very strange spider. Eduardo-as-Spiderman AU, along with evil supervillains, robots and hostage situations. [PG-13, 32000 words, comic book levels of violence]

He should've known when it took supreme force to crush it and when he was compelled to scoop it up afterwards - barely broken - and transfer it to a jam jar.

He really should have known when two days later he had gained abs and the spider was crawling around in its jar none the worse for wear.

"And you found this in November?" Dr Jones asked, holding the jar up to the light.

The spider hissed and attacked the jar as though it could break through this one too. Eduardo really should have known. "That's right. My doctor told me to show it to you." He hesitated long enough for it to become clear that further explanation was expected. "I've been busy."

Draw Me A Map by fairy-tale-echo - After the law suit, Eduardo goes traveling and Mark and Eduardo come to a tentative understanding. This is a very charming story. [PG-13, ~1600 words, no warnings]

“I didn’t think…” Mark swallows hard, decides he has to tell the truth anyway. “I didn’t really think it was ever going to get this far. I thought –”

Eduardo laughs, not his real laugh, though, but a contemptuous, sharp sound, interrupting Mark’s stuttering explanation. “You thought what? I’d just walk away and not -”

But now it’s Mark who cuts Eduardo off. He slams his open palm down on the table; it makes a loud echo in the empty room. “I thought you’d be happy that you had even .3% of a business that was going to be worth billions! I thought you’d be happy that you didn’t have to be bothered with a business you obviously cared so little about!”

He knows it sounds stupid now: after all these depositions, after the way Eduardo smashed his laptop. He knows how little that means. But that’s the truth.

Now Eduardo is just staring at Mark, an unreadable expression on his face. “Mark,” he begins slowly. “Do you – do you remember what it felt like when you found out I’d frozen the account?”

There are universes in our bodies by musguita (translated into English by longtime_lurker) - Mark is a little messed up, a little devious, a little jealous. This is a sexy, engrossing story. [NC-17, 18000 words, no warnings]

“Did Eduardo and I have a relationship?”

“…Of course. You were friends.” It’s possible that Dustin had been sleeping when Mark called.

“That’s not what I’m talking about. I mean, do you think that people thought that there was something more?”

Mark doesn’t know how much he didn’t want to have this conversation until he’s having it.

“Oh. You mean…?” Dustin doesn’t finish the question. “Oh, Mark.”

Another Vision of Us by laliandra - A Conmen AU. The Facebook Four are a crime team, with Eduardo on the outs. [R, 24400 words, mild violence]

“Mark Zuckerberg, right?” The guy talking to him stands out at the hacking party like the sorest of thumbs. Mark had registered him when he’d first arrived, vaguely wondered what the hell he was doing here. Attractive, wearing dress pants, doesn’t have a laptop. This guy might as well be from a different planet.

“Yes?” Mark says, warily. The dude looks kind of wiry but you just never know. That tiny girl from Classics had punched like a bastard, although quite why Mark’s brain is equating someone’s parent’s marital status with their ability to injure him is unclear. Things started to go a little off-track after the second round of shots.

The guy laughs. “You don’t sound very sure.”

came out on the other side by oflights - Harvard era, and Mark is incredibly, incredibly oblivious. Eduardo is super adorable though. [PG-13, 7600 words, no warnings]

“What? No, I wanted to—there’s a lot to read, you know, and I think it goes easier—like, I understand things better when I have someone to discuss them with, so I’m—”

“No, I don’t want to form a study group,” Mark tells him, because that would be the worst. He would make the lazy-eyed girl cry, he wouldn’t be able to help it, and then Eduardo would probably hate him, which wouldn’t be so terrible except Eduardo isn’t so terrible, so Mark doesn’t really want Eduardo to hate him. So.

“Group? No, I just meant—we should get together some time and go over this together. Not a group, just you and me and—” Eduardo looks down at the text in his hands, then holds it up and waves it around a bit, like the book is dancing. Mark feels a ridiculous, stupid feeling hum through him and he wonders if Eduardo actually hit him over the head with the book, and now he’s concussed and hallucinating, if concussed people hallucinate. He’s not sure. “You and me and Geoffrey Chaucer,” Eduardo finishes with a grin, and Mark gapes at him.

i think i'm cured by oflights - Mark and Eduardo are having so much sex that Mark is falling asleep during work and making Chris go crazy. [NC-17, 7700 words, no warnings]

“Chris, spit it out.”

“Mark keeps falling asleep at work,” Chris says all in a rush, and he flushes a bit pink. Eduardo blinks and then looks over at where Mark is glaring at a determined, very focused Dustin, looking about a step away from waving his hand in front of his face and throwing him off.

“What? Why? Has he been sick?”

Chris shakes his head. “No, just—he’s tired, Wardo. He’s been exhausted since you came back from your trip. Now, can you think of why that might be?”

Untitled by hapakitsune - Five times that Eduardo sabotaged Mark's attempts at dating. [no warnings]

"Mark, you should have told me you already had a partner!" she says angrily and she hangs up.

Dustin and Mark stare at each other, and then Dustin says, in a voice that's quivering slightly, "You should go back to your desk."

Mark scowls and heads back. As he walks away, Dustin puts his head down on his arms and bursts into hysterical giggles.

all your breath deep in my lungs by oflights - Eduardo really likes it when Mark wears his underwear. So do I. [NC-17, slight kink]

Eduardo is—he’s holding his black boxer-briefs, staring at Mark with heat in his eyes that hadn’t quite been extinguished by the quick and dirty orgasms they’d exchanged in the fast meeting before Mark’s class. He gives Mark a look that is somehow shy, pleading, and commanding all at once, and Mark sighs and moves away from his boxers.


“Only if you want to,” Eduardo says, though it’s clear by the low, gravelly tone to his voice how much he wants it. Mark would be a moron to deny that voice anything, and he is certainly no moron. He shuffles over as Eduardo stands and positions the briefs for him to step into.

Slave AU by anon - Roman AU. Mark is a terrible slave, but Eduardo saves him from the whip. There's a nice twist to this story. [NC-17]

The man steps back and lears, "You can have the pisser for three times what you got here."

Eduardo shakes his head, "You will take what I'm offering because it is more than what you'll get if you kill the 'pisser.'"

The man straightens his taller and broader frame, but Eduardo refuses to be intimiated. His bodyguard/chaperon, Andros, steps up behind Eduardo and half unsheathes his sword. The brute man stops and grabs the proffered coins with a grimace.

Eduardo steps carefully up and looks at the boy, the younger man really. He grimaces when he sees the swollen jaw. It could be broken. Eduardo takes off his own cloak and drapes it over the abused naked figure, and then helps him up. The young man manages to take a step before his legs buckle underneath him. Eduardo catches him and Andros steps up.
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