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rec dump #3


23:28 by cimmerians - Kurt and Blaine find it hard to get some time alone. Being a teenager sucks. [NC-17, sex, no warnings]

Kurt Hummel was a resourceful, determined boy. He had seen to it (despite various stages of discomfort from ‘mild’ to ‘please kill me now’) that he had a thorough education in all the dangers and problems faced by sexually active teens; particularly once he was given the miraculous opportunity to become one.

But no pamphlet, booklet, or health class had ever addressed what turned out to be the biggest problem of all: there was no helpful tri-fold cardstock brochure entitled ‘How To Be A Sexually Active Teen (And Not Get Caught Doing It)’. He’d checked. The existing literature was maddeningly silent on the subject.

Destiny by dianakingston - Takes place early season two. The universe seems to be conspiring about Kurt's love life. [PG, 2000 words, jossed]

"Oh Great Ouija Board," he intones with as deep a voice as he can manage. "Tell me the name of my true love!"

The pointer moves.



Kurt isn’t smiling anymore.

Excerpts from Kurt Hummel's Diary by wordplay - An adorable Bridget Jones Diary AU that still gets their personalities just right. [NC-17, 10300 words, no warnings]

Ran into Blaine Anderson there. He remains dull and lifeless, and the lighting in the food court wasn't doing him any favors – for once he actually looked it, too. Met him just a few days ago, and remain unimpressed.

He's another one who's a mystery to me. My first night home was a flurry of activity, because Carole was hosting a cookie exchange and wine & cheese party (old age must be exceptionally dull, because her level of excitement over these cookies and grocery store cheese was way disproportionate) and the new neighbors were coming, and all anybody in the neighborhood had been able to talk about was the Andersons, who were apparently both wealthy and from somewhere else and, therefore, in Lima, kind of a big deal.

Reflections by flaming muse - Kurt becomes jealous of the easy way that Blaine fits in at McKinley. Written before season 3 began airing. It's startlingly prescient. [PG, 30000, mild homophobia, self-doubt issues]

On the first day of school, Kurt arranges to meet Blaine in the McKinley High parking lot. Blaine has been to the school before, obviously, but he doesn't really know his way around. The last thing he needs to do is get lost and ask some nice young man in a letter jacket for help. Kurt has slushie-cleaning materials in his bag to be stored in his locker for the year, but he'd rather not have to use them today if he can avoid it.

Blaine is waiting in his car as promised, and he unlocks the doors for Kurt to slide inside into the passenger seat.

"Hi," Kurt says, trying to keep his excitement to an acceptable and mature level but pretty much failing to moderate his smile. They're going to be in the same school again. They are in the same school again.

How Burt Hummel was eventually won over by Blaine Anderson by exeterlinden - Exactly what it says on the title. A realistic look at some of the many reservations Burt might have about Kurt dating Blaine. [Teen, ~12000 words, no warnings]

The first time Burt set eyes on Blaine Anderson's face, it was on a photograph that Kurt hastily pulled down from the door of his locker at McKinley High where they'd come after school to collect his things before driving to Dalton to sign the final admission papers. Burt just managed to catch a glimpse of some preppy looking kid with a genial smile - wearing the same red lapel uniform that he had ordered three sets of earlier in the day, under Kurt's careful instructions - before the picture frame was hurriedly put away and Kurt was moving on.

“Wait. Who's that guy?”

Kurt shrugged, his shoulders tense. ”Nobody.”

Burt glanced down into the box where Kurt had carefully placed the photo frame with the picture side down. ”Nobody, huh?”

Jesse/Andrew - 5 Recs

wonderful is true, in truth by addandsubtract - Sky High AU! Awkward teenagers with superpowers. [PG-13, ~15500 words, no warnings]

“Everyone, this is Andrew,” Rooney says, rolling her eyes. “Andrew, sit down.”

“Ah,” Andrew says, like he’s been put on the spot. He sits next to Jesse, and Jesse wants to die. Andrew smells nice, and Jesse just isn’t emotionally equipped to deal with it. “Hello, everyone. And Armie.”

Joe waves from where he’s still slumped over the table, and Brenda nods, and Armie says, “What, I don’t count as part of everyone?”

Jesse mostly just wishes that he had the ability to kill Rooney with his mind. Andrew thrusts a hand at him, and says, “You must be Jesse.”

All The Stars and Bleeding Hearts by torakowalski - Notting Hill AU, with Jesse as Hugh Grant and Andrew as Julia Roberts. Did you hear me? I said Notting Hill AU by torakowalski. Seriously, why are you still here? [NC-17, ~40000 words, non-explicit homophobia]

“It’s not fine, you can’t go around like that all day.” Jesse isn’t usually this pushy; it only really happens when he’s freaked out. “Okay, this is going to sound bad, but my apartment is literally right over there.” He points at the curtained windows above Dust Jacket, which is three storefronts down from where they’re standing. “You can take a shower.” No, that really is creepy. “Or I could just lend you a clean shirt.”

The guy is still shaking his head, darting looks at the store then Jesse then back again. He probably thinks Jesse is a serial killer, great.

“I think I’m just going to go,” he says, “but thank you.”

Okay, well Jesse tried; he’s not going to frogmarch anyone into his shower. “Okay,” he says, nodding. He digs a pen out of his pocket along with a folded napkin from Joe’s coffee shop. “Look, write down your name and address and I’ll mail you a new shirt.”

“There’s no need to - ” The guy stops, looking closely at Jesse. Jesse tries not to feel intimidated or make any stupid faces or anything. “You don’t know what my name...” The guy trails off suddenly and he smiles. He was always hot, but with his eyes lit up like that, he’s really attractive. Jesse isn’t supposed to have those thoughts about people he’s scalded. “You know what, I’d really like to borrow a shirt if the offer still stands?”

So Damned Happy by Jeyhawk - Andrew has insisted he was going to marry Jesse since they were seven years old. Pure fluff. Sometimes you just need some fluff in your life, you know. [PG, no warnings]

"So what about you, Andreeeew," Emma drags the name out, like she always does when she's been drinking. "Do you ever want to get married?"

"I'm gonna marry Jesse," Andrew says, yawning, as if it's no big deal.

Jesse kicks his thigh, flushing slightly. "You've been saying that since first grade," he points out.

bulletproof weeks by pidgeoned - Jesse and Andrew are best friends. Seriously, that's it. [PG-13, ~6500 words, no warnings]

Jesse slumps against Andrew as soon as the door closes. The two of them share a look and laugh nervously. Jesse’s wearing sweatpants so he can feel the rough fabric of Andrew’s jeans where the material bunches up around his thighs. He thinks hard about what to say next.

“Justin,” he says, finally, “Um.”

Andrew squeezes him and smiles, throwing his head back against the arm of the couch. He looks like he doesn’t know what to say, either. Jesse feels sheepish all of a sudden, dirty, and it hits him for the first time that he’s sitting in Andrew’s lap. Jesse doesn’t want to give Justin the wrong idea.

A Contemporary Study of the Minor Romantic Poets by passe-simple - College AU where Jesse and Andrew are best friends and Jesse is a little blind. Lots of pining, poetry and wooing. [PG, 27000 words, no warnings]

"So?" Jesse asked, poking Andrew with his bare foot. "Who?"

"Don't make fun of me. This is serious. I'm pining."

"And you're so good at it. Sorry, sorry; okay. Who are you pining for?"

Sometimes it was a bit aggravating, having a brilliant and sarcastic best friend who knew all your flaws. "I think I'm in love with Emma," said Andrew. It was better to just blurt it out quickly like ripping off a plaster.

There was a pause. Andrew waited for Jesse to make fun of him, but Jesse didn't say anything, he just sat there with his highlighter between his teeth looking a little bit concerned.

Charles/Erik - 3 Recs

Not So Much the Teacup by thehoyden - AU where Charles is the bride whisperer. He's a wedding planner who seems to anticipate every need of his brides. [Explicit, ~9000 words, no warnings]

Charles clutched his pass in his hand, and turned around to explain himself, and then utterly failed to do so, because the man behind him had stern eyes and sterner cheekbones, and wore his perfectly tailored suit as easily as breathing. “Er,” Charles said.

The man looked completely unimpressed. He had an iPad in one hand, with which he made a short shooing gesture. “This wing is closed for renovations,” he said dismissively. “I don’t know how you got in, but you need to leave.”

“You don’t understand,” Charles said, finally recovering himself enough to drag his pass up into the man’s line of sight. “I’m supposed to be here. I’m Charles Xavier--”

Phantom Limbs by bagheera-san - After what happened on the beach, Charles makes himself forget how he felt about Erik. Things don't go the way he planned. [PG]

"You're not fine," Erik repeats, and Charles is starting to believe him, because there's something surging up inside him, something heavy and deep and forgotten, like a phantom limb re-growing, and just as painful. Erik's hands are hot on his face, they smell of him, and Charles's body remembers what his mind does not, because he turns without wanting to and presses his lips to the heel of Erik's right hand in a shuddering kiss.

Something's wrong with him. Something's very, very wrong. "I'm sorry," Charles says, his manners failing him last, "but I think I'm going to... faint."

It's All Coming Back to Me by regann - Erik hears that Charles died on the beach and tears down the world in his grief. [Teen, 7300 words, no warnings]

Emma's smile was thin and self-satisfied. "The CIA killed a group of mutants on an island near Cuba about...hmm, a month ago? They were very happy about it." She eyed Azazel, then Mystique, which made Erik realize that she had no outward cues to the use of her power other than a narrowed-eyed gaze. "I assume it was after you escaped without them."

Mystique was on her feet, hands clenched. "You're lying."

Emma rolled her eyes. "Why would I lie?"

"Then they must've lied to you about it, to scare you." Mystique looked at Erik, her yellow eyes wide and imploring. "They can't be dead."

Doctor Who

Songs of Innocence and Experience by rosa-acicularis - While searching for the Doctor, Rose ends up in Amy Pond's backyard. [Teen, no warnings]

The woman wears black trousers, a blue jacket, and a pair of sensible black shoes. Her hair catches the faint light from the kitchen window, and she stands stiff-kneed in Amy’s garden, staring at her shed.

Amy raises her truncheon and steps forward.

“Hello,” the woman says without turning. “Are you going to hit me with that?”

“Maybe,” Amy says. “Thought I’d wave it about a bit first.” She takes a wary step closer. “I’m a policewoman, you know. You should probably shove off before my backup arrives.”

“Probably,” the woman says. She frowns. “How old is this shed, would you say?”

Merlin/Arthur - 2 Recs

Mirrored Glass by sarcasticchick - Arthur discovers Merlin's secret and maybe discovers a bit about himself. Post- season one. [PG-13, 10000 words, no warnings]

"Guinevere," Arthur patiently drew out her name into the four syllables he knew would get her attention and just get her to stop before he threw her in the stocks for frustrating him. Not that he would actually do that - he'd send Merlin instead. But he had no time for her babbled reasoning excusing her friend's actions. And true enough she stopped, lips sealing as though she had more to say but was honoring his request. "Where is Merlin?"

Possibly Maybe I'm Falling For You by lady-ragnell - College barista AU. Arthur is the Prince of Wales and Morgana bets him that he can't work a regular job and support himself, so he gets a job at his university's coffee shop, where Merlin happens to frequent. [13800 words, no warnings]

Someone clears his throat. Definitely, unequivocally a him, Merlin realizes when he looks up and finds not sweet, curly-haired Gwen smiling at him but Prince Arthur with his eyebrows arched expectantly. Merlin blinks a few times, but it’s still Prince Arthur, Prince of Wales, darling of the tabloids, fellow Albion University freshman, standing at the till with a red apron emblazoned with a dragon and a “CAMELOT COFFEE” and with a name badge proclaiming him “Arthur: Trainee.”

“You didn’t get a good writeup in the student paper,” he manages when Prince Arthur doesn’t seem inclined to ask what he can get Merlin today (a reality check, or possibly a top so he can check that it stops spinning) like Gwen the Barista always does. “Is there some sort of charity drive going on here today that I didn’t know about? I could maybe afford a few extra quid …” Merlin looks doubtfully at his wallet. Actually, he probably can’t, at least not with what he has with him. “Um. Your Highness,” he adds, because Prince Arthur looks deeply unimpressed.
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