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Social Network: Mark/Eduardo Recs

Mark/Eduardo - 13 Recs

Let The Future In by abriata - AU where Mark and Eduardo are childhood friends. Mark is just as dense as ever. [PG, 23000 words, no warnings]

"Wardo?" Mark says, and clambers up the front steps.

"Take off your boots, honey," Wardo's mom calls, and Mark claws at them until they flop to the floor in the mudroom. "Good boy. He's upstairs."

Mark darts upstairs, shoving Wardo's door open.

"Hey!" Wardo yelps, and throws himself against the other side.

Untitled (Angsty Fill) anon - On the kink meme: AU where Eduardo is Mark's trophy wife. (Except that Eduardo is hot, smart and completely in love with Mark.) Eduardo's childhood was...not the best. [NC-17, long, warnings: descriptions of past child abuse, suicide/suicidal feelings, PTSD, mild violence]

Anyway, he can get Mark to unplug every other day or so by luring him to the bathroom or bedroom with blow job bribes. He's really good at those. He does this thing where he nudges Mark's thighs apart with his face and then rests his cheek against the inside of Mark's left thigh and works Mark's dick with his right palm, really slow and slick, and then he leans forward and starts to make out with Mark's balls, or at least that's how it feels - puts his mouth on one, then the other, tongues them, makes this noise deep in his throat that's like, part moan, all vibration - and Mark gets his hand on the back of Eduardo's head and just holds on, doesn't push or pull or tangle or anything, he just wants to touch - and then Eduardo puts his mouth on the head of Mark's dick and just sucks at him for a few seconds - and, fuck, fuck.

Feels Like We Can Escape by addandsubtract - Bit of an AU where instead of choosing to trick Eduardo out of Facebook, he takes off on a roadtrip with Eduardo instead. Bit of running away from responsibility and getting his head right. [NC-17, 13000 words, no warnings]

“Mark?” Eduardo’s voice is tentative. He sounds more unsure than Mark has ever heard him, but Mark, Mark is going to be convincing. For once in his life.

“Come with me to Berlin,” he says, and he watches Eduardo’s eyes search his face for the joke. He isn’t joking, though – he’s never meant anything more.

“You’re serious?” Eduardo shakes his head, and takes a step back. “I – Come inside. We shouldn’t – let’s not talk about this in the hallway.”

Change For A New Direction by lawyerdown - It's Harvard era first time shower sex. That's pretty much it, but do you really need anything else? [NC-17, 2800 words, warnings: slippery when wet]

“You don’t have time to go back to your dorm,” Mark continues, then, bland, flippant, he adds, “get in, then,” jerking his head lightly towards the shower behind him.


“With me,” he interjects. He sounds faintly exasperated, as if he feels he’s already adequately explained himself, and now Eduardo is just wasting his time for not falling into step the first time around. It’s not the first time that Eduardo has wondered if Mark carries eighty percent of a conversation on in his head, but only actually verbalizes twenty percent of what he means. “The space is sufficient for two people.”

The Fuse is Burning by longtime_lurker - AU where Mark doesn't pick up Eduardo from the airport because of pollen issues. [NC-17, 11000 words, warnings: sex under the influence pollen]

"Mark," Sean answers tersely, just as Dustin bursts into the room, clutching a laptop defensively to his chest, and says, "Wardo!"

"Hey man," Eduardo says, the end of it lilting up like a question. "Is everything -?"

"You’re supposed to be keeping an eye on him," Sean’s barking at Dustin, who holds up his hands and says, "Dude, he’s acting really weird though."

"I fucking know he’s acting fucking weird," Sean snaps. "Last time I tried to go in there, he threw the fucking Xbox at my head."

this is your life by fairy-tale-echo - Mark decides to publish his memoirs, which, as it turns out, are just a big love note to Eduardo. After the first part, there's a choose your own adventure type thing. One story includes meta Jesse/Andrew in the story (Mark runs into them in a bookstore). The other is a more traditional story. I liked the traditional one better, because when I am reading fic for this fandom, I imagine Mark Zuckerberg-as-played-by-Jesse-Eisenberg, you know? Things go pear-shaped when Jesse Eisenberg appears WITH Mark as two separate people. [no rating, varying lengths, depending on how you choose to read it, no warnings]

It's gonna be a blog, originally, but it reminds him too much of being 17 and having a LiveJournal. Besides, Mark doesn't trust the Internet, it's way too insecure. So, he finds a little black and white composition notebook (how cliché, he knows) and starts writing. Pen to paper writing. It feels, well, good. Watching the words sprawl out on clean, white paper. There's something particularly empowering about it and it just ... flows.

Call Me (any, anytime) by aqualined - College AU where Mark works for an IT helpline and Eduardo calls in for help with his computer. [Teen, 15200 words, no warnings]

“IT Department, this is Mark. Do tell me all about how you’ve messed up your computer today.”

A second later, Mark frowns at the receiver. All he can hear is the dial tone.

“Huh.” Mark shrugs, putting the phone back down on the hook. It couldn’t have been anything serious if the caller gave up that fast without even saying a word.

Little By Little by devoidly - Eduardo knows that Mark has an unrequited crush on him and exploits that when he's afraid to get left behind. [R, 10000 words, warnings: Eduardo being a blind, sort of douche bag]

If there's one thing Eduardo never ever wanted to hear, it was Mark's sex noises and they're fucking distracting him from Christy's skilled mouth and the fantasy of finally being cool enough to have groupies. This quickly goes from the most arousing thing that ever happened to him to the least arousing thing that ever happened to him while he got a blowjob. Not that he got that many to compare them to.

When he starts wondering if Mark's thinking of him in the neighboring stall, he tries to stop thinking so hard that he probably burst a blood vessel or two in his brain, lest he offends Christy by failing her completely. He doesn't know if he could survive the embarrassment.

No Child Of Mine by ninhursag - AU where Eduardo's father whores him out to close business deals. Eduardo bides his time. Mark is smitten. [Mature, 21700 words, warnings: implied rape/non-con, forced prostitution (implied). Happy ending

It's not easy, though, not at this proximity, not when there'd been even less distance last night and Eduardo makes a surprisingly attractive hungover zombie pod-person. He's pretty sure everyone can tell where his eyes want to stick no matter what else he's trying to look at.

“I wish my own son had the kind of fortitude and talent to be a success like you at such a young age,” Saverin says, like his own son isn't right there, pretending he's not hearing every word. Mark tries to imagine his dad saying anything close to that, in or out of his earshot and just... comprehension fails.

Drive All Night by fairy-tale-echo - Mark and Eduardo are stuck in a car together, post-canon. The car has a feature that reads out your facebook feed for you while you drive. [Teen, 10000 words, no warnings]

The snow is flying almost as quickly as the text messages between Dustin, Eduardo, and Chris. Mark feels like he should probably be doing something. He should probably pull out his phone and start making arrangements for getting back to California as soon as he can or work remotely or ... something. Instead, he just sits across from Chris in the booth at the little greasy spoon they'd stopped in as soon as the snow got really thick.

Mark sips at almost cold coffee and wishes for Red Bull. He's the CEO (a damn good CEO) of one of the largest and most profitable corporations in the world but somehow being back in Cambridge, back near Kirkland, back with his three best friends (former, he mentally amends, one of those best friends is former) has momentarily turned him back into the person he was freshman year.

and take my whole life too by oflights - Anniversary fic. Mark actually tries! [Teen, no warnings]

When he’s finished setting the table, Mark steps back and curses his own stubborn pride for a minute, wondering why he had thought it would be a good idea to do this on his own again. He’s sure he’s missing something, so he consults the list on his phone and curses again when he realizes what it is. “Candles,” he mutters, and he goes to find the ones he’d stolen from Chris’ house, rather stealthily last weekend, by shoving them under his hoodie.

Untitled by anon - Lots and lots and lots of orgasms. Mark very toppy. Harvard era. [NC-17, warnings: lots and lots of sex]

It has been six hours and they are on round four.

Mark keeps track of these things. He keeps track of Eduardo's moans, of how many times he jerks his hips into Mark's mouth, how many times he says Mark's name.

Mark is not a robot but he thinks about things logically. He categorizes. He focuses. And this weekend, when he is not thinking about his OS lab and Eduardo is not passing out on top of his econ book, ink smudging his face, he wants to think about Eduardo.

Variations on Want and Need by abriata - Mark/Eduardo, Dustin/Chris, OT4. Mark is pretty confused about why he spends so much time watching his friends. [NC-17, 8000 words, warnings: mild voyeurism]

It's actually Dustin, first.

With Chris and Eduardo, later, Mark will understand it. They're both very cute, and socially adept, and sort of fill the same role where they boss him around, which is weirdly appealing even if he doesn't actually need, want or enjoy it. It's probably just the fact they have backbones and no interest in his shit, and Mark's always enjoyed a challenge. But whatever else it is, the two of them are more obviously attractive.

Dustin, though.

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