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Inception Recs: Arthur/Eames,10 Recs

This is only the beginning of the Inception recs I have to update with, but I've decided to post this and focus on finishing my yuletide story. Expect more recs in the coming weeks.

Arthur/Eames - 10 Recs

Kiss With A Fist by cmonkatiekatie - It's hatesex that turns into feelings sex right in the middle. [NC-17, 3000 words, warnings: rough sex]

They pull the chairs away and there's a big open space where they can go at each other with no obstacles. There's a patchy throw rug that won't do much in the way of padding the concrete if things get rough, but it's there.

It works for Eames, he's got big plans for getting rough.

There's virtually no wait time between Arthur's "come on" and the fight. No circling, no feeling each other out, nothing but Arthur on Eames like it's his job.

Happy Endings series by the_ragnarok - Arthur/Eames backstory where Arthur is a "full service" masseuse and secret bad ass, and Eames, his favorite customer, convinces Arthur to run away with him for a life of crime. It starts there and takes us through canon and beyong. I enjoyed this whole series. [NC-17, 75000 words, warnings: mild or inexplicit mentions prostitution, sexual assault and torture.]

There's some cleaning up to do, and then Ariadne shouts, "Walk-in for you, Arthur!"

Arthur sighs. He can't be certain who this is, but he does have his suspicions.

These are proven correct when he sees Eames sitting on the table, already naked and smiling cheekily. "Full service?" he asks, like he always does.

"In your dreams, Mr. Eames." It doesn't do to be rude to clients, but this is Eames, who all but purrs with delight whenever Arthur deviates from his usual script. "Would you like your massage to end with a release?"

"Arthur," Eames says, reproachful. "I think you should know me by now."

The First Five Times by fermine - Arthur and Eames keep having to platonically share a bed. [PG-13, 2770 words, no warnings]

He makes himself comfortable under the covers, sinking his toes into the mattress and pulling the sheets over his shoulders. Eames watches him, hands tucked under his armpits, sniffing out a cold. His stare unnerves Arthur so he turns on his side to face the wall. Arthur opens his mouth to say goodnight but decides against it when he hears Eames get up and walk to the fire. It feels like a long time that he listens to Eames moving about in the room, picking things up, putting them back down again, sniffing and clearing his throat.

Arthur doesn't realise he's fallen asleep until he wakes three hours later, wedged between the wall and Eames' side.

this just might hurt a little by gunsandbutter - Eames realizes that Arthur is in a really terrible bdsm relationship and tries to help show him how good it can be when it's done right, with someone who cares for him. Arthur pushes away and pushes away and Eames follows. Has many of the things I love most in fic: denial, h/c, jealousy, hot sex. [NC-17, 24000 words, warnings: D/s dynamics, discussion of an unhealthy D/s relationship]

He only realizes he’s staring when Arthur glances over and meets his eyes. For once, Arthur doesn’t look bothered, only questioning, arching an eyebrow in wordless inquiry. Eames knows that he should look away. He should turn back to his dossiers and ignore the cold burn of resentment low in his gut, the small, irrationally angry part of him that wants Arthur to know that Eames has seen him, that he knows.

He should, but he doesn’t.

It only takes a moment for Arthur’s initial curiosity to shift into something wary and defensive. His face darkens, lips thinning into a hard line. “Was there something you wanted, Mr. Eames?” His voice is low, mindful of the house’s other occupants, but sharp with challenge.

I bet Nureyev never had to deal with this shit. by cobweb-diamond - Ballet AU where Eames, Arthur and Mal end up starring in a new production together. [no warnings]

Ariadne and Arthur find a space and sit down as well.

Mal and Eames don’t have a pianist, just a boom box balanced on top of one of the folding chairs. Arthur can half-hear the strains of something Romantic-period through the glass as Mal dances. Eames is leaning against the mirrors, arms crossed across his chest as Mal glissades across the floor. Arthur is certain that she can’t be improvising. This must be something they’ve done together before.

Even with no makeup and wearing a faded grey practise leotard with a hole in the underarm, Mal is stunning. Her wrists are delicate and immaculately turned; the line of her neck flows seamlessly down along her spine whichever way she moves.

Iron Man by eleveninches - For some reason, there aren't 50 million size kink fics in this fandom, which is ridiculous, because there should be. And here's exhibit A... [NC-17, no warnings]

But when Eames arrived, walking through the front door of the short-term apartment they'd rented like he owned the place, he was... fit.

He was still wearing the same poorly-fitting clothes as always, but since the last time Arthur had seen him, he'd put on at least twenty pounds of muscle. Arthur could see it in his gaping collar, high shirt sleeves, and thick neck; even from his vantage point across the living room, Arthur could see the stretch of Eames's shirt across his shoulders, tighter than before. He looked thick and sturdy and outrageously strong.

Things Are Gonna Slide by five-ht - Eames forges Satan during a job and then when he comes back to reality, can't seem to shut it off. He gives Arthur something Arthur didn't know he wanted. Features contrite Eames, stubborn Arthur and sex with strong D/s elements. [NC-17, 13000 words, warnings: sex in an altered state, D/s relationship]

“Arthur,” he purrs, pressing up with his leg and bringing Arthur onto his toes. The pressure is almost too much, and Arthur has to clutch at Eames’ shoulders to keep steady. “Pretty Arthur.”

“Pretty,” Arthur scoffs, wanting to roll his eyes, but Eames thumbs over his cheekbone and it occurs to Arthur that he might be serious, for all he is quite obviously teasing.

“Pretty when you let me play with you,” Eames says, singsong, one hand gripping Arthur’s ass and rocking him forward, rubbing him against Eames’ thigh.

“Jesus, Eames,” he says, though he loses his amusement quickly when he starts to harden against the friction. He's lifted up too high for proper balance or leverage, and Eames is controlling the pace, with Arthur just along for the ride. His pulse starts to quicken when Eames moves in close, his breath hot in Arthur’s ear, teasing and light. Arthur shivers, his fingers tightening on Eames’ shoulders as goosebumps raise on his skin.

Sort of Revolution by pyrimidine - I believe this is where the fanon idea that Arthur is a terrible morning person came from. Eames is charmed. [PG, 1300 words, warnings: fluff]

He showers, shaves, dresses, and eats breakfast within twenty minutes. Eames’s morning routine is a constant flurry of movement, so it’s only when he makes an offhand comment about doing some hamstring stretches and core exercises that he finally realizes something’s wrong. Arthur isn’t even in the vicinity at all.

By instinct, he goes back to the bedroom. Arthur is still wrapped in the comforter. He’s managed to open both eyes, at least.

“Wow,” is all Eames can say. He’s completely delighted. “Wow. Alright. Well, this was unexpected.”

The Sweetest Downfall by toomuchplor - Eames sees Arthur for the first time without his hair shellacked to within an inch of its life. He approves - as do we all. [NC-17, 8400 words, warnings: none]

The hair. The hair has always, always been impeccable, immaculate, groomed perfection. Eames had long since thought of Arthur’s hair as permanently gelled into obedience. He’d had no earthly idea how – how wanton it could be, curving and wet at the tips and softening Arthur’s whole face, taking easily ten years off Arthur’s usually ambiguously adult appearance.

All at once, with a gut-clench of something like laughter mixed with lust, Eames understands why Arthur is so severe with his hair and clothes; in his present state he could pass for sixteen if he liked. It’s delightful and shocking, and made all the more delightful by Arthur’s frown.

“You said you’d stick to the bar,” Arthur says, pushing his fringe back, drawing Eames’ attention to the loveliness of his long fingers carded through dark lazy curls.

hit the ground running by imogenedisease - Eames makes a tactical error and has to pay for it. [PG, 1600 words, no warnings]

It starts, though Eames didn’t know it at the time, when Arthur tells him he loves him. It’s muffled into Eames’ clavicle, Arthur fucked out and warm with approaching sleep, and Eames had translated the slur of words into something that made his heart press tight in his chest.

“You too,” Eames says, voice coming out a little rough, a lot honest, and Arthur goes tense and tight against him, but Eames strokes his back until he settles, until they both sink into sleep.

the question is not whether I treat you rudely, but whether you ever heard me treat anyone else better by hackthis - Arthur and Eames, meeting back in their military days. [PG-13, no warnings]

"Sorry to see you're as fit as ever; it makes me feel deprived." Eames' mouth is moving glibly, but Arthur can feel the tableau being studied intimately: Rubio, himself. Arthur can feel his clothing being picked apart and his expressions cataloged. "I was sure after that incident at the Waffle House that you'd never speak to me again."

Arthur gives Eames a sharp look. "You accosted me in the bathroom."

He's almost surprised it took Eames this long to address their last meeting.
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