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Inception Recs: Arthur/Eames,14 Recs

Still not caught up yet, but have another batch of Inception recs.

Arthur/Eames - 14 Recs

Not Necessarily the Best Policy by five_ht - Arthur gets doused with a truth serum that makes things...a bit awkward in the office. [Explicit, 5280 words, warnings: accidental drug ingestion]

"You're checking out my ass. If you want a quickie in the bathroom, I'm going to need a snack first," Arthur says breezily, starting across the workshop to the cart where they've taken to storing various junk food items. He's halfway there before he freezes, and everyone sees it, because everyone is staring at him.

Incipit by The Hoyden - Eames is a best selling novelist and Arthur is his trusted editor. I enjoyed Eames in this a lot. [Explicit, 8565 words, no warnings

Eames, in fact, is the kind of person that should only exist in a story -- an extremely ridiculous, self-indulgent story. Eames is an unquestionably brilliant writer, who has managed the impossible tasks of making literary critics salivate over each successive work and charming the general public into handing over a lot of money to buy many copies. He grew up stupidly wealthy, and has only become more so since his debut.

Arthur has been his editor from the beginning. Eames says he won't work with anyone else, and what Arthur will never tell him is that he would cut anyone who tried.

make a home from a rented house by smallacts - Eames and Arthur have to pretend to be married for a job. Arthur is, shall we say, less than pleased. [no rating, 9200 words, no warnings]

“It’s a long-con, darling,” Eames repeats, rubbing his hands together gleefully. “Jones doesn’t associate with anyone from the firm, he’s estranged from his family. The only close ties he has are to his partner and the other nutters they go to dog shows with. It’s our only in.”

Arthur grits his teeth. “That still doesn’t explain why it has to be both of us. Or why we have to pretend to be in love.” The words feel strange in his mouth, even from this hostile distance, glaring at Eames from across the room.

You're A Mean One, Mr. Eames by sarahyyy - Eames begins using creative means to make sure no one else works with Arthur. [PG-13, 1780 words, no warnings]

“Johnson,” Arthur tried to keep the glee out of his voice and sound professional, “I have a job for you.”

There was a long pause, then, “Is this Arthur Moss?”

“Yes,” Arthur said, “I am Arthur Moss. Surely you can remember my voice.”

There was a squeak. It was followed by a long pause.

“Sorry, Johnson’s dead,” the man said hurriedly into the phone, voice oddly high all of the sudden, and then the line was cut dead.

scowly!Arthur/scruffy-tshirt-wearing!Eames by anon - Cute little comment fic about Arthur finding Eames's terrible fashion sense hot and hating himself for it. [Explicit, no warnings]

Arthur would do a double take, when Eames shows up for the first day of their Boston job, if he were actually capable of looking away.

“Jesus, Eames, what are you wearing?”

Eames just pulls off his sunglasses and waves with them, smiling. “Hello, Arthur.”

Two Steps Towards Make Believe by ifeelbetter - Arthur has terrible insomnia, and the only way he can get to sleep is, you guessed it, near Eames. [no rating, 3525 words, no warnings]

"Sleep well?" Eames asked. He was reading a book. He folded over the top corner of the page he was on and closed it. Arthur couldn't see the cover but it looked trashy. Like the sort of pot-boiler you buy in an airport.

"...yes," said Arthur, sitting up. He was amazed that he wasn't lying.

"Excellent," said Eames, stretching. "Now, I'm afraid I must be going." He stood.

Wherever You Will Be (That's Where I'll Call Home) series by gyzym - This is a series that takes us through Arthur and Eames getting together and trying to co-exist together. It's wonderful and made my heart grow 10 sizes. Not too fluffy, but just makes you feel good. [Explicit, 75000 words, no warnings]

When they get in at night, Arthur always takes off his jacket, grabs two beers out of the fridge, and leaves the door open as he walks away. Then Eames rummages around in there until he has an armful of unlikely-looking ingredients to set out on the counter, muttering cheerfully to himself as he does so.

"What are we having?" Arthur always asks, tossing him a beer.

Eames just winks at him and sends him away to put on less restrictive clothing. When Arthur comes back in boxers and one of Eames' t-shirts there is always something beginning to smell unutterably amazing, and Eames always puts down whatever he's holding--an egg, a spatula--and kisses Arthur thoroughly before getting back to work.

The One-Sided Correspondences of Mr Eames by sablier_bloque - Eames starts leaving Arthur notes in strange places. [R, 1900 words, no warnings]

I see you took my advice; nice job with the elevator. Always dream bigger. Size does matter, after all.
- Left in Arthur's mailbox, Santa Monica, California

High Hopes by ester_inc - Arthur meets Eames when he's seventeen and again when he's twenty-nine. It's an interesting premise that the author handles well. [Explicit, 36700 words, underage sex]

He leaned up and pressed his mouth against Eames' before he could think better of it. For a moment, Eames was still against him, and Arthur pressed in closer, insistent, desperate. Then Eames gave in -- Arthur could feel it in Eames' body, like an inhalation, like a surrender -- and kissed him back, his hands coming to hold Arthur, one at the small of his back, the other cupping the side of his face.

It was intoxicating. Arthur curled a hand in Eames' shirt and hooked an arm behind his neck, pulling him in. Eames pressed them together, pushing a thigh between Arthur's legs, and Arthur moaned.

"Christ," Eames murmured against his mouth, "I'm going to hell."

Plus One by someidiothasice - Eames follows Arthur to a private party of a certain taste. He feels a bit...possessive. [NC-17, 7700 words, warnings: light bdsm]

Arthur rolled his eyes as he tried, and failed, to hold back a grin. "And I'm sure that leaves many options open for a suitably debauched evening." Arthur pushed a button and then laid a hand flat on Eames's chest. Eames let Arthur push him back gently. "Have a lovely night, Mr. Eames."

"You too, Arthur."

The doors closed and Eames reached into his sleeve. He pulled out the small square card he lifted out of Arthur's back pocket. It was black, heavy, made of metal and had two lines engraved on one side.

725 10th Ave

Frustrated, Inc. by tortillafactory - Eames tells Arthur he loves him, and Arthur shoots him in the face. Sounds about right. It's the evolution of their relationship over the years. [NC-17, 4200 words, warnings: slight violence]

When the projection of Mal takes up a habit of shooting Arthur in the knee, the familiar phantom pain wrenching a scream from deep in his gut, Arthur knows this is Cobb's way of saying he feels guilty for not being there. He explains this to Eames over drinks one night.

"Classic," says Eames, gesturing for another gin and tonic.

It's only when Arthur gets drunk, really drunk, that he begins to notice things. Things that happen, things that exist, between him and Eames. Things that don't exist between most ex-rivals, co-workers, friends. Eames touches him in ways he doesn't touch other people. When Arthur is sober he convinces himself that it's not true, that Eames touches everyone. But when he's drunk he feels the electricity, the intent behind the bump of Eames' elbow, the brush of his fingers, the warm grasp of his hand.

You Know I Would OR My Cow Just Died (I Don't Need Your Bull) by staraflur - Boarding school AU where Arthur is the bored outcast and Eames is the new, exciting student. [R, 9000 words, no warnings]

She pauses halfway through her introduction, right after the standard spiel of, “Class, new student,” etc etc etc, and just before the part where she should be saying his name.

“Eames is fine,” says Eames-is-fine, and Arthur’s pretty sure the teacher, who’s on the young side and a little silly already (it’s completely inappropriate to discuss vampire novels with your students, he’s certain), actually blushes.

Eames-is-fine smiles at her, drawls, “Thanks, love,” and then hefts his satchel and eyes the back of the classroom. Arthur looks to the empty seat to his right, where many a student had tried to sit before he drove them off after they proved too loud to sit near him while he was working. He’d chosen the back corner for a reason.

takes an ocean not to break by cmonkatiekatie - Eames and Arthur call each other between jobs. Basically, it's lots of flirting back and forth. [PG, 3700 words, no warnings]

"Is it what?" In the space of about thirty seconds, Arthur had gotten used to the quiet sound of Eames breathing down the line. If Arthur sounds testy it's only because Eames sounds so jarring.

"Raining," Eames says, "try and keep up, you enormous lush."

"Hmm, maybe." Arthur's curtains are drawn and he can't hear rain, but he supposes anything's possible.

Permanent Press by jibrailis - Arthur is a bit quirky and off-kilter, as Eames discovers when they begin living together. [NC-17, 12220 words, warnings: some violence]

Eames returns to Arthur's house the next day, and he finds Arthur cleaning the evidence of the burglary. With a cloth and a bottle of cleaner while jumping around and dancing.

There have been about five moments in Eames' adult life where he has been truly caught off guard, and three of them involved dogs in inappropriate swimwear. Arthur dancing to Funkytown and swinging his hips as he polishes one of his dirty, smudged patio windows is not quite on that list, but it's close. Eames stands in the unlocked doorway and watches silently as Arthur spins around, strikes a pose, and then does a backflip over the smashed coffee table.

When Arthur notices Eames watching, he doesn't even stop. He just raises an eyebrow in a way that's guaranteed to drive Eames mad (usually in bed, usually after fucking the daylights out of Arthur and then seeing Arthur raise that eyebrow, which means he wants more). Then he drops down and does the splits right as the chorus goes into won't you take me to Funkytown. He rises out of the splits smoothly and sprays cleaner over messy glass.

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