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Inception Recs: Arthur/Eames,14 Recs

Back in the swing of things! I've been faithfully updating out Twitter account, polyfandomrecs - not as consistently as I would like, but I am! Right now it feels like I am tweeting into the void, but hopefully someone is finding the recs useful/entertaining. Still haven't looked into archiving the tweets onto here.

Anyhow. I can't believe I haven't made any Inception rec posts yet! I'm rectifying that today, but be aware that many of my early links haven't been lost with the death of delicious (rip). So here's what I have so far. Feel free to pass along any other links you think that I've missed.

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Admin Post: Polyfandomrecs Twitter!

So in the wake of the Delicious meltdown, I was thinking about new and interesting ways to share recs interactively. We are still saving things on our Delicious, and I'm sure soon I will end up with a Pinboard account for us. It seems like we are the last people to step into 2011 and realize that, hey, that Twitter machine is kind of useful for sharing information and pretty much everyone has one (the slashreport being our current favorite fandom-specific Twitter), so why not you, you fools?

Anyway, we decided to start reccing on our brand new Twitter account: Polyfandomrecs. It will be recs-only and we won't spam your phone/timeline/mobile device. The plan is to post one new rec and one "retro" rec each day, so the most updates you'll get is 4 per day (two recs from each of us).

So there you go. Join if you think it's something that would interest. If not, it's cool. We're just trying this new format out (we both have Twitter accounts, but nothing fandom-specific like most people). If it doesn't work, no biggie.
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Hysterical Post-Delicious Rec-and-Info Dump #1

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Delicious.com was, basically, my life. I spent hours on that site, searching for links, updating my tags and bundles and filtering out good fic. Now, I'm home from work today, starring listlessly at my computer, not knowing what to do.

The fandom consensus is a migration either to diigo.com or pinboard.in. I haven't done either yet, but I'm willing to dive in wherever we're going, once the fervor dies down. I'm still holding out hope that Delicious realizes the error of their ways, but I doubt it. Otherwise, if someone smart and techy decides to put together a fandom-specific social link site, I would donate time and money to this cause, if not any coding skills.

Here is some fandom migration news:

rageprufrock and mklutz discussed the whole mess on their podcast.

The Great Delicious Migration Google spreadsheet - Get connected to other fannish people.

List of suggestions for the Pinboard people, who are apparently very amenable to fannish people.

AO3 statement, along with plans for their bookmarking features

Because I tend to go to Code Red Emergency, I'm dumping all of the recs I've been saving on Delicious, just in case I lose my info. Consider this my contribution to bored fans who don't know what to read.

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