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Multifandom Recs - 18 Recs total

More reading leads to more reccing.

Sports Night (4 Recs)

1. Between the Spaces by mardia - Dan/Casey – This is wonderful and achy and has a great ending that made the whole thing worthwhile as Dan struggles to hold it together and Casey has really weird dreams. After the noon rundown, Dan spends twenty minutes in the bathroom puking. When he comes out of the stall, Jeremy's there, face sad and solemn. The bruising on his face is still there, a sharp contrast against his fair skin. His arm's still in a sling.

2. Dan’s Dad by out_there - This is short, but great. I love Dan’s feelings about his father, but mostly I love that Casey is there for him through all of it and that Dan knows that. The thing –- the thing that Dan can’t explain to Casey no matter how many times he’s tried –- is that knowing your father’s a jerk doesn’t actually make things better.

3. Last First Kiss by celli - Dan/Casey [PG] – The first and last kisses between Dan and Casey. It’s perfect and sad and wonderful all in one. Dan didn't need the quiet words from the doctor, or the departure of all the medical personnel from the room, or anything at all to tell him that time was almost up.

4. Fisherman’s Blues by phoebesmum - Dan/Casey [G] – Casey gets drunk and maybe thinks about Dan a little too much. I just want to shake Casey in this, but it’s so perfectly right. It's late. Very late, even by New York standards, even by Sports Night standards, where school's not out till long after midnight. Casey is warm and sleepy, relaxed and cosy and ever so slightly buzzed, slouching in a corner booth with his legs stretched out in front of him, contemplating the beer in his hand and doing mental stomach – bathroom + beer = x? calculations that, truthfully, are a little beyond the capacity of his cerebral cortex.

Twilight – Stephenie Meyer (5 Recs)

1. Eternal Epiphany by damalur - Alice/Jasper [PG] – This story is everything about the two characters that I love and the rest is everything that I like to imagine for them. It’s not that Jasper doesn’t know what he would do without Alice; it’s that he knows exactly what he would do. He knows that there would be blood, and death, not just for the humans but the vampires too, because Jasper is territorial.

2. At Their Core by butteroffly - Post New Moon, Alice/Jasper, [PG-13] – After Jasper attacks Bella, he runs off, but Alice finds him. I loved that this was from Jasper’s perspective and I loved how he thinks about Alice. It would be only too simple. Surely, the consequences couldn’t be all that bad? The darkening of my irises agreed, begging for that red tinge to grace their presence. I couldn’t dwell on that thought for long, however, as a swift smell of familiarity reached my nostrils. Alice.

3. It Wouldn’t Be Long Now by londoncalls - Post New Moon, Edward/Bella [PG-13] – Set from Edward’s point of view when he thinks that Bella is dead. I really loved the Edward voice here and there is something lyrical about the style of this that I can’t quite put my finger on, but it’s great. Dead. The word ran through my mind, over and over again like a mantra. Dead. Dead. Dead. I closed my eyes. This could not be happening. I was vaguely aware of my name being called, and opened my eyes again to glance at the tiny silver phone I held in my hand.

4. Beginnings by esperar - Post Eclipse, Alice/Jasper [PG] – Alice & Jasper’s first meeting from Jasper’s point of view. I loved the Alice and Jasper voices here. And I really loved how Jasper is both frightened and curious of Alice. She was one of us. That much I knew. She was small and slender, but the power and grace that rippled hidden beneath her hard skin was plain as day to me. However, apart from her physical appearance and the high musical tone of her voice, I knew nothing about her. Still, when she walked back to a table in the small dark diner, I followed her, compelled by what I did not know.

5. Inconsistency by equinox_blue - Post Eclipse, Alice/Jasper [PG] – This is short, but brilliant and really sexy. I love the idea of Alice and Jasper making out in the rain. Just yummy. Jasper watched Alice dance under the sudden storm, eyes dark. He had planned to work on new battle strategies, but she was out there. Not wasting time to think, knowing she’d know if he did, he darted out the door, taking the steps two at a time.

Miscellaneous Fandoms (9 Recs)

1. Something on the Books by romanticalgirl - Burn Notice, [PG-13] – An interesting intermix of Michael stuck in Miami as the burned spy and the Michael who grew up with an abusive father. I really enjoyed this look into his past. The trick to covert ops, of course, is being covert. Being burned means that your history is out there for anyone to see. Family, friends, associates are all exposed and vulnerable. Not so bad when you’ve got a group of trained spies and operatives hanging around you. Certainly more difficult when you have a brother who can’t take care of himself and a mother who, while she can take care of herself, doesn’t seem to have enough of a survival instinct to keep anyone on the outside of the house she refuses to leave.

2. I’ve Got a Banana in My Pocket by hackthis - Chuck, Post Chuck V. the Alma Mater, Chuck/Bryce [PG-13] – I haven’t really been bitten by the slash bug for this fandom…and then I read this and now I want more Chuck/Bryce. I love the banter between them. I love how dorky Chuck is, but that Bryce enjoys it. Chuck has a banana in his pocket. It's a big banana. To be fair though, Chuck also has a Burger King crown on his head, one of those kids' inflatable arm floaty-thingys that they liberated from someone's backyard wrapped around his bicep, and six yellow socks on his left foot that he and Bryce stole from the women's locker room.

3. Ophelia in Borders (Not a Bookstore) by pitselly - Moonshine, Cal/Georgina [PG] – I enjoyed the stream of consciousness style narrative for this piece. There were a few places where it was a little confusing, but I think that’s because that is how Cal is feeling. And really, I like the Cal voice here. Is there more Leandros brothers fic out there? I must find it. Robin’s in the adult section, in the far back, and besides no one wanting to be there for the pure fact that it’s embarrassing, no one wants to listen to Goodfellow sneer, “I invented this position,” Because it’s creepy as shit.

4. Scenes of a Night by honeycakehorse - NCIS, McGee/DiNozzo [R] – I loved the back-and-forth between the two of them. It’s just like the show, but pornier, which is obviously better. My only problem is one I have with many fics in this fandom – the use of the word “lover.” It makes me giggle. Tony was watching as McGee sounded more and more pathetic talking to the tech guys. Really, somebody needed to show Probie how to put the fear of DiNozzo in people. He snatched the phone out of his hand.

5. First Fear by Annie - NCIS, Gibbs/DiNozzo [PG] – A near miss for Tony scares Gibbs enough for him to take a next step. It’s short, but quite enjoyable. I love Gibbs taking care of Tony. “I really liked him.” My voice is remarkably steady, much steadier than my hands which I’ve clenched into tight fists down on my legs, where Gibbs won’t see them.

6. Walking Wounded (The Recovery Version) by hyperfocused - The O.C., Seth/Ryan – Seth has an accident and Ryan stays by his side. I loved every little bit of this and how it slowly unfolded from various points of view, all leading back to Ryan and Seth loving each other. Ryan could hear Kirsten's high heels clicking on the cobblestones outside the hospital, and see the sun send glancing rays off the water on the reflecting pool. Only in Newport would the Emergency Room have a Zen garden for people to wait in while their loved ones bled.

7. The Land of Such Dear Souls by nuit_belle - Robin Hood, Post Season One – Djaq visits Marian and they share a talk and come up with a plan. I love the voices in this piece and the dialogue is wonderful. I really hope Belle continues to write RH fic because there isn’t enough good stuff out there. The day after foiling the Sheriff's plans yet again and after Much had stopped Marian's wedding, Djaq walked up to Knighton Hall, in full view of the villagers and knocked on the front door.

8. Lips like Sugar by poisontaster - Stargate Atlantis, John/Ronon [R] – This is just hot and wonderful as Sheppard thinks about why he hasn’t kissed Ronon and why he wants to. There’s not nearly enough John/Ronon fic out there for my liking, and this is just short and sweet. Sometimes John feels a certain embarrassment that he knew what it felt like to have Ronon come over his hand, his belly, inside him, long before he knew what it was like to kiss him.

9. Too Many Miles to Tijuana by medie - Veritas the Quest - It features Calvin and Niko bickering while they’re stuck together on a trip. I love these boys and this is a short fun ficlet. "You have got to be kidding me," Niko protested, standing in the door of the plane and glaring at its sole occupant. "No way in hell am I flying across country with you."

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