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fanfiction recs

The joint recs of iamtheenemy and storydivagirl. We're both polyfannish to the extreme and tend to love many a different thing. Recs will include het and slash, and most will contain adult content. Also be advised: we each have our own OTPs and stick by them fiercely. Join if you want to stay updated.

Note: Here's our LIST OF TAGS to see every fandom that has been recced here. Also, try our miscellaneous tag for fandoms which we have recced in the past and are not anymore. The side links on the main page are the fandoms we are currently reccing in. (And we count current as the last six months or so.)


1. Recs won't be representative of the whole fandom. We rec what we read, and oftentimes we only read certain ships or genres. We don't share all the same preferences, though, so that should provide for some variety.

2. We don't rec WIPs.

3. We won't rec our own fics here. While we love each other's work, we'll keep our mutual lovefests for each other to our journals and share with you other people's writing here. But really, it should go without saying that we write some good stuff. Well, sometimes.

Warning: If you are under eighteen years of age, some of these recs will NOT be appropriate for you.



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